I’m A Photographer Because I’m A Mom.

feet kisses.jpg

You know all about them- the moms that post a million photos of their child(ren) pretty much on a daily basis.. GUILTY! I’ve done it since day one of Zoey (my oldest) being born. You always hear “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it”, or the most common one ” They grow up so fast”. No matter how you put it, ALL of it is true.

I look back at pictures I took a year ago ( I mean really it’s only been a year), but NOOOO.. it’s way more than that. My child is so much different than what she was a year ago. The way she spoke, the new things she was learning, even the baby face has disappeared-  a lot can seriously change in just 365 days. Then I start reminiscing, I get emotional (I’m not crying, you’re crying!), and I realize those moments are so important. They are everything!

These moments are not so little.

You don’t have the luxury to remember what happens every single day of your life. Some days just seem like ordinary days, like the day Zoey insisted on wearing her princess dress, princess crown, and sunglasses around the house for about 2 hours. It was just like any other day, but thankfully I snapped a quick, blurry picture of her crazy outfit. It’s been almost 2 years since this was taken, and looking back… that was NOT a tiny moment! I mean, look at that face!  Thank GOD I was fast enough to catch this gem.


Or, when Evie decided to wear her spaghetti more than actually eating it. Normally, the moment my girls get messy I’m right there with a wipe cleaning them up. This time was different. “Go crazy kid!” I thought to myself as she’s grabbing HANDFULS of pasta and smearing it all over her face (my floors basically looked the same). This is the result of my little monster going nuts with her dinner-  AND I LOVE IT!


And then it hit me!

Why am I not doing this for other people? The “I FINALLY DID IT” college graduates? The newly engaged love birds who are just beaming with joy? The woman (belly) full of love with ten little fingers & toes growing inside her? The adventures in life are endless…

That’s what I want to do. I want to give those people the chance to look back 1,5, even 10 years back and show them where it all began. I want to capture moments for them like I capture moments of my children every single day (literally, every day).

It all started with being a mama.

Really! It’s all because of my girls. Even though I have always had a passion (dabbling in photography since i was a little teenie-bopper- aka, SELFIE!) it never amounted to anything. I think it’s because I never realized how important life really is; I never had experienced how special life can really be. Being a mom, I see it as clear as day, thus my reasoning for having 1,700 pictures on my Iphone! This really gave me the push to go out and capture those easily forgettable “unforgettable” moments for people. You may think today is nothing special, but every day is special. I never want anyone to forget what this life has given them.


So, Thank you girls!

Because of your awesome, silly, sometimes questionable moments, You opened the doors to Burns Photography. Who would have thought 2 little girls could inspire me so much? It never would have happened if I wasn’t y’alls mama. 🙂

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