“Fall” In love with these Minis!


Don’t you just love Fall? It is seriously my favorite season. Chilly weather, boots and scarves, Salted Caramel Mochas (if you have not tried this yet, go to Starbucks right now!)

Yes, we still live in the south so the times that we actually get to enjoy the “Fall” are early in the morning or late at night- by noon we are having to bring out the tank tops again! 😛 But still, it’s so exciting that fall is finally in the air!

This years Fall Minis were a BIG success. My clients were– A M A Z I N G !  I wanted to highlight a few of the families I had the privilege to work with because I can’t get over how great these turned out. It’s either this or  spamming my Facebook Page! I’m going to be good and show you a few shots of these Beautiful families here.



Aren’t they the most beautiful groups? AAAH, i’m dying ❤

Thank you to everyone who came out and allowed me to capture your beautiful families. I have the best job in the world because I get to be surrounded by awesome people like you. 🙂

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