Thank You for your Service

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My life as an everyday wife is crazy- taking care of the kids, maintaining the house, making sure dinner is on the table when my husband gets home, making sure he has socks washed for the week (and boy, does he goes through some socks!) It’s crazy sometimes, but I’m lucky enough to have my husband come home every night to eat that freshly made (probably frozen) dinner.

Then there are some wives who eat their dinners alone.

Let me explain.. Some wives have a husband who don’t get to come home every night. Some wives have a husband who is overseas defending our country. Some wives go extremely long amounts of time eating dinners alone, going to bed alone, and only having to clean their own dirty socks.

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Meet Alexis.

She contacted me about a month ago with the idea of wanting to do a homecoming photoshoot for when her husband (Jacob) comes home from deployment. I jumped right on it by saying YES! The idea was so exciting and something I have never done before. We stayed in touch the whole month as she constantly updated me on the date being pushed back.. and pushed back.. and pushed back again. The more and more it was pushed back, the more I understood what her husband AND HER were going through. Well, I say I understood.. but really I can’t imagine. I’ve never gone more than 1 week without seeing my husband.

But Alexis and Jacob? 7 months. 7 MONTHS!!  When she told me this, my eyes widen with shock. I have no understanding of what that must feel like. I call Sam almost every hour to just check in (and normally he says the same thing… “Just working..”) but that always brings a smile to my face. But to go 7 months not knowing when you’d get the chance to talk, not being able to see each other, hold each others hands, or snuggle up to at night.. my heart started to ache.

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Finally, the session was here and I was so happy to see that she had her husband back. I wanted this session to be one for the books, because they both deserved it.

Jacob is a true hero in my book. Saying “thank you” isn’t enough for what he does for our country- what he does for people like me. But as a wife, my heart went out to Alexis. I wanted to make sure I gave her the photos she has been looking forward to all these months. All the weeks, days, minutes that she had to endure with the uncertainty of seeing her husband again, I wanted these photos to be worth it all.

Alexis, you are stronger than I think I could ever be. Thank you for your sacrifice, because yes, YOU sacrificed your husband, your whole world, so he could defend our country. And Jacob, thank you for your service. What you do deserves so much more than photos, but I hope these help in some way.  Welcome home.

It was a pleasure working with you both 🙂

Enjoy cleaning his dirty socks!






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