Merry & Bright


Nothing says Christmas like dressing up in your winter best, snuggling up together, and getting family photos taken for your Christmas cards. Maybe if you’re like me you like to just document how much things have changed over the last year.

I do it every year and I love to look back and see how much my family has changed and to share some holiday cheer with distant family with a Christmas card. Even though we live in the South and most people were sweating their faces off dressed in their winter clothes in 85 Degree weather, it was so worth it!

This year’s Christmas Minis were an absolute hit! I swear, every single group was so fantastic. And the kids… Ohhh the kids just made my heart melt! It never changes, photographing families just warms my heart and to get their responses of how much they love them.. the best Christmas gift ever.

I wanted to showcase these families from the Mini Sessions because seriously, look how awesome everyone looks!









See, don’t they all look great!?

Thank you everyone so much for letting me capture such wonderful photos of your family. Christmas is the season of giving and if I could I would come through this screen and give you a very serious high five 😛

Merry Christmas everyone!

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