Are You Sure You Want To Wear That?



If I had a dime for every time a client asked me “What should I wear?”,  I wouldn’t even need to stay in business anymore!

It is the number one asked question to photographers because, of course, everyone wants to make sure they are dressed their very best. I wanted to put together some tips and tricks on what (and what NOT) to wear during your photo session.


So,  if you’re staring at the clothes you have picked out for your whole family and you see striped shirt, and striped shirt, and striped shirt, oh yea.. and striped shirt,  you probably should rethink your outfits. Having pattern is important if you can balance it properly. Check out the Hall family during their Christmas Mini Session-Kristen 5

They perfectly balanced the plaid so it would not clash. Dad wore the plaid shirt with jeans, mom wore a plain black top and plaid skirt, and daughter wore the full plaid dress with an adorable brown fur vest.  Now, if they were to all wear a plaid shirt and jeans… it would not have looked as nice- it would have been too busy to the eye.

So, make sure if you are throwing in a pattern that it is balanced and spread out between each person. Throw in an accessory (like the fur vest or the gold belt that mom is wearing) to break the patterns up.

In another case- If it is a couples session, you both DO NOT have to wear a pattern. It is always smart for at least one of you to have some sort of design or pattern (like a polka dot shirt or a dress covered in a flower design), while the other is in a more simple outfit. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH pattern. Don’t over do it- adding just a small touch is all you really need to give a little dimension to your photos.


Who would have thought that colors played such an important role in how your photos will turn out? Strangely, they do.. and this is the one thing most of my clients ask me- “will these colors go together?” I have even had clients send me photos of their outfits laid out on their bed asking if it matches (which hey, i’m totally cool with btw. )

The first thing I like to mention to my clients who are SO stressed out about colors is- What kind of look are you going for? Do you want a country look to your photos? Do you want a cozy, warm look? Or, bright, beach-like feel because it would go nicely framed on your living room wall?


Check out Jaszmin & Greg. These two had a look in mind- very country, rustic, and of course representing their GA BULLDOGS.  They chose the perfect balance of black and red to give them a cozy, country look.

The beauty of their outfits is that it didn’t take much to accomplish this look. A simple black sweater with a scarf for her and a plaid shirt for him- that’s all it took! But, what gives it the look they were wanting is the colors they chose. If they wore baby blue it wouldn’t portray that same look. And with them being GA Bulldog fans, it only seemed fitting to choose these colors!

Pssst.. notice the pop of pattern?  🙂

 Just be careful- you don’t want to use just one color in your outfits because then you will all just blend and end up looking like one big blob of  Robin’s Egg Blue! Adding a different color is very important and allows everyone to stand out.


Dress the Season


This is a really important one- make sure you dress what the season is! Yes, where I live (South Carolina) makes that challenging at times. I mean, it is 80 Degrees in December and can still be in the 50’s in March! But, it is still important to dress according to the season. I mean, should you really wear a baby blue t-shirt and yellow sundress for a Christmas Session? Probably not. Or, wear a scarf and boots at a Beach Session in March? We may get funny looks from bystanders.. Touching on colors again, choosing the right color palette for what the season is does make a difference on how your photos will look.

You may sweat in that sweater during that December Session and you may get a little frostbite from wearing a sundress at the Beach in March, but it will be worth it to give you photos that go with the season.

So, there ya have it- my most deepest, darkest secrets (okay, maybe not my deepest..)! Follow these guidelines and I promise you, you won’t have to keep sending your photographer bed photos of your outfits anymore 😉

But wait, there’s more…. scroll down for free cookies….











Just kidding- but I wish I had some cookies now..

Anyways, a little bonus tip! It is always smart to make sure your outfits have texture and accessories. Throwing on a scarf, adding a bold necklace to your plain white t-shirt.. these kinds of things really highlight your outfit and makes your photos not look so flat and, quietly frankly..



Okay, now I am going to buy some cookies.



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